Early Life:

Peter was born and raised in Fairport, New York along side his two brothers, Craig and Jared. He attended elementary through high school at the Fairport Central School District. Fairport is where Peter discovered his interest in the performing arts. He was the type of kid that would sing all the time; he was always entertaining people.

Childhood/Introduction to Theatre:

Peter was introduced to theatre by both of his grandmothers. One grandmother always told Peter the story about how she was Maria in West Side Story. Later on in his childhood, she introduced Peter to the film adaptation. His other grandmother gave him a newspaper ad saying that there was an audition for Oliver! at the Cobblestone Arts Center in Farmington, NY. Peter auditioned for the show and in turn was cast in the role of Mr. Sowerberry. After a great first experience, numerous shows, voice lessons, participating in the school choir and show choir, Peter had found his passion. Peter wanted, more than anything, to pursue his passion.

Education and Training:

Peter recently just graduated with a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre from Nazareth College under Program Director, Corinne Aquilina. At Nazareth College, he took voice lessons with Dr. Katie Hannigan and Bill Daugherty, as well as participating in dance classes and a variety of masterclasses. During his four years at Naz, he has worked with multiple professionals such as Bob Cline, Katie Murphy, Nikki Snelson, Ben Cameron, Eric Stretch, Nicolette Hart, Brett Smock, Robin Levine, Trey Compton, Igor Goldin, Ian Weinberger, Parker Esse, Matthew Steffens, Natalie Weiss, Hettie Barnhill, Brendon Stimson and Sheri Sanders. Peter plans to move to NYC this coming fall and he can't wait to see what the future holds for him.

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